The Heat Is On

This summer, the northern world has experienced heat waves on a massive scale. Apart from the physical discomfort, there have been terrible cases of fire, floods, deaths and suffering. At Emotion, we have been suffering a different sort of heat….


Just prior to last IBC we spoke about the need for fine grain media services and the need for solutions that are modular, flexible, and agile. By that, what we mean is specialists and best of breed solutions that solve very, very specific needs. Dare we say niche?


Gin and Tonic Event


So, our business, we felt, was in this space. But what we’ve experienced since last IBC is something entirely different and pleasantly unexpected. And that is, the same service that we provide, (high-quality, bespoke-tuned, and agile) but serious volume! And the need to fit into mainstream workflows. Luckily for us, our architecture was setup for the product to scale, and our agility allowed us to quickly create solutions that allowed redundancy and high availability.


Creating redundant configurations where Engine is wholly controlled by tools such as a MAM, Aspera, or Telestream Vantage are quite easy, as the control device will manage what has and has not been processed. In the event of failure, these external tools can redirect files to the backup system. A common configuration is where two Engines are used to share the workload and thereby ensuring that if one of the system fails, the other one continues and the work does not stop. Scalability is ensured by Engine’s ability to process up to 8 files at a time.


Last IBC our G&T evenings were very well received and we’re pleased to let you know that we will be doing a repeat of the same. But perhaps on a slightly larger scale 🙂 We look forward to seeing you! We’d like to invite you to come and discuss your audio processing, scalability, and redundancy needs.

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IBC Stand 6.C30

Emotion IBC 2018 Map

See you in Amsterdam

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