Track replacements and News [re: Telestream]


Early 2013, we had a request from NHK. They have a number of Avid Suites making daily content and needed a method to quickly extract audio from the files and deliver it to their Fairlight suites as .wav’s with timecode. The Fairlight was used to overlay an Video Description (AD) soundtrack which would then be inserted back into the original file on the Avid. We did this as a manual process and made a product called eRAP.


Since then there has been a call to allow track extraction and replacement from files as a part of our audio workflow in Engine; this would typically be useful for clients who want to pull their music and effects tracks from a number of productions, work on these in a sound dubbing suite and then insert the new audio tracks synchronized to the original media.


We also expect this to be very handy for multi-language versioning; Dolby encoding of an external 5.1 mix, as well as the Dolby tracks within an MXF wrapper being extracted as .wav outputs.


“In other news… shush this is hot of the press”


Integration between Engine and Telestream is now in the process of being certified and completed, with a number of customers waiting to beta test the new interface. Please contact us for details.


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