Emotion Systems Software Trials

Try our solutions for file-based workflows

  • Windows 7/8/10, Apple OSX 10.5-10.10, Linux (Special build on request)
  • Fully-functioning for 10 days – try your own files
  • Configurable to different models and different options each time you start the application (where appropriate)

Emotion Systems invites you to try our fully functioning, trial software, for 10 days. All that we ask is that you restrict your usage to test and trial and do not use it for paying work.

Download Trial Version of eFF
eFF is a cost effective software application that auto analyses, detects and normalises audio loudness violations in file-based media.

Download Trial version of eNGINE
The eNGINE server is a complex product. Contact us to discuss your requirements, or download the evaluation version.

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