Versions and Options

Eff comes in two different versions, together with a small number of options.

Eff Measure

Measure is the basic version of Eff, and as the name implies, is a measurement tool. Thus it can measure loudness and PPM levels in media files with up to 16 channels of audio being supported. As well as display maximum values in a file, Measure includes the ability to display graphs, and to create PDF reports. Measure does not have the ability to create new files.

Eff Comply

Eff Comply is a manual tool that contains all the features of Measure, but adds the ability to adjust audio levels to meet chosen thresholds, and to create new files containing the corrected levels. Comply includes our unique ‘DNA’ True Peak Processor tool to seamlessly adjust peaks to meet targets, with minimal affect on audio sound quality. Comply also adds in support for multifiles, where a number of mono files have to be processed to calculate an overall loudness value for the combined files. Eff Comply is the ideal tool for use in Post Production facilities. Comply can create report files in XML or PDF format. Measurement graphs can be saved as PNG, or incorporated into PDF reports.

Available options are –

P2 support

This option provides comprehensive support for P2 filesets. Eff opens the XML files that describe the various programs within the fileset, and automatically handles programs that span across multiple MXF files. Audio tracks are measured and corrected. This option is only available with Eff Comply.

Dolby E Support

This option, offers support for Dolby E encoded audio contained within media files. Eff decodes the Dolby E data, which may contain up to 8 audio tracks, measures and adjusts as required, and creates new Dolby E data that is embedded in its original location, within the output file. Media files containing multiple Dolby E encoded tracks are fully supported.

Watch Folder

This option adds a watch folder to the existing manual operation of Eff Comply. The watch folder is associated with any chosen profile, and files dropped in to the watch folder are automatically processed, and corrected files and reports are created in line with user settings. Note that this option provides a single watch folder add-on to our desktop tool. If you have large volumes of files to process, then you should also consider using our Engine product that supports a REST API, and can optionally have any number of individual watch folders.


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