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    [memb_is_logged_in] You’re already logged in [memb_contact fields=”FirstName”]! [memb_logout_link] [else_is_logged_in] Dealers: Log In By Entering Your Username and Password Below… [memb_loginform] Forgot Your Password? [memb_send_password] Need log in credentials? Click here to send an email: cindy@emotion-systems.com [/memb_is_logged_in]

  • Applied Technology: Dolby E Workflow – From Content Creation to Playout

    From creation to broadcast to transmission, audio content requires similar processes but with different variations depending on where the content is in the workflow. This article will briefly discuss content requirements, workflows, and the role that Dolby E has as a part of this transmission chain. In each case, Dolby E based processing and other …

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    Cookie Policy This cookie policy has the specific purpose of illustrating the types, methods of use and to provide guidance on actions to reject or delete cookies on the website, if desired. What Are Cookies? A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that can be stored on your browser or on your …

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  • cookies

    We are still finalising GDPR compliant cookie control and information. This will be completed by 25th May 2018 What Are Cookies? A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that can be stored on your browser or on your computer’s hard drive when you visit our website. Cookies contain information about your visits …

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